About us

Die Vegan is a clothing movement made to represent the vegan community, and inspire others to become vegan. Our goal is to support the vegan movement, the animals, and the sanctuaries. To make sure we do our part, we donate 10% of all sales to an animal sanctuary each month. With every purchase, we help sanctuaries expand their resources to care for rescued animals and save more from human oppression.





Born in: Cuba
Currently listening to: A Day to Remember 
Fav band to see live: Green Day 
What motivates you: The animals and music. 
Fun Fact: I use to be a dancer.
Social Media: @jenifferfernandezzz


Born in: Belarus
Currently listening to: The Devil Wears Prada  
Fav band to see live: Parkway Drive
What motivates you: Self growth and fitness 
Fun Fact: I speak three languages
Social Media: @alekseyigusev