Find Your Reason

Find Your Reason

Going vegan is much more than just a dietary choice. It is a life style and it has a purpose. The easiest way to fight any cravings, traditions, or pressure form friends and family is to find your reason. When you start to think about becoming plant based, don't do it because others tell you it's good and it's beneficial, do it because you spend your time finding your purpose and realizing how valuable you are to the earth and it's living creatures.

If you find the reason to why YOU choose not to eat any animal products, than it becomes more than a diet, more than a trend, and more than just what you consume, it becomes a belief. By finding your reason, you tie everything that you love, to the food you eat and how it benefits your body, the planet, and everyone else around you. It is your purpose and your motive to know that with every bite you take, an animal is not suffering, or that the planet is not dying, or that you are building leaner and stronger muscles. It all depend on you and what's important to you .

My biggest advice is to spend 10 minutes and research the benefits of a plant based diet in every aspect of your life and the things you like to do, wether it's sports, dance, studying, playing video games, making music , or anything at all.

For me, personally , it is simple. I believe that no animal should give up their life to make food more me. I am not above them, I am simply living on the same earth with them. In all the year and a half I have been vegan, I saved 547 animals and I only wish I would have started sooner

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