Die Vegan Debut | Vegan Block Party 2021

Die Vegan Debut | Vegan Block Party 2021

While sitting in a coffee shop one day, we imagined a brand that supported what we love most, being vegan and the animals. When Die Vegan was created, we stumbled on the way, but our goal kept us motivated and inspired to make a difference. As time went by, we grew our brand and value. Even though it was not an easy task learning to sell online, we wanted to make our merchandise accessible for the vegan community everywhere and at any time. The most gratifying part is always giving back a percentage of our sales to those who need our help and compassion, the animals. 

Vegan Block Party is the biggest vegan event of the year in Florida, where veganism is celebrated in all of its aspects and benefits. This event raises awareness of how easy it is to become vegan and liberate animals from suffering in the name of fashion and our taste buds. It motivates our community to choose kindness over cruelty. 

Becoming a part of this day was on our bucket list since we first attended earlier this year. The opportunity presented itself and we did not hesitate to take it no matter how unprepared we were at first. It took months to be ready for this day, staying up late working on prints, calling all printing places in all South Florida, getting ghosted and hung up on countless times, but we did not give up. Every sanctuary we came across pushed us to work harder to support those who believe in our same purpose and give the animals a happy and long life. 

Luckily we were able to find Miami Mixed Media, a wonderful and welcoming printing place located in Miami. They helped our dream come true and worked with us in detail with each design. Also, Ariel, the founder and organizer from VBP helped us tremendously with a great spot for our tent and kept us updated with instructions and changes. She did an awesome job providing our community with the greatest vegan food and vendors all across south Florida. 

The day arrived, and we felt the adrenaline rushing through our body, anxious to show the world who we are and what we stand for. All of our hard work paid off marvelously. The people loved our designs, the messages each shirt has to offer, and the fact that by buying one of our items, they are helping sanctuaries bring in more residents. It was an honor seeing our new friends become part of our family and follow us on our journey. We can sincerely say, that our debut was a success! 

@lissafort wearing our Classic Die Vegan hat.


@Mariaa.sierra wearing our strong vegan tee. 


@haydeefigs wearing our Classic Die Vegan Hat

@haydee wearing our Classic Die Vegan hat 




@seergei_js wearing our Classic Die Vegan hat. 



 @katarrinelle wearing our Classic Die Vegan tee 


@justin.levin3 wearing our Die Vegan tee



 @dianavpenam wearing our Strong Vegan tee and Classic Die Vegan hat





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